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We have been involved in tracing and investigation for more than a decade and we can assure you that our services are of an outstanding quality.

Many companies experience huge losses due to debtors disappearing. Professional Tracing Network does tracing countrywide. Our policy is one of NO TRACE NO FEE. Professional Tracing Network will keep you informed of the progress made in tracing the debtor. The guarantee period that we offer is 60 days. Turnaround time varies depending on clients’ requirements, usually not longer than 30 days. If required we can supply a progress report after two weeks if the debtor has not yet been successfully traced.

We specialize in the field of tracing Third Parties, assessing Financial Status of Third Parties, Witness Statements, Credit Reference Checks, and Police Accident Reports. We also conduct in-depth accident investigations and advise on merits of recovery.

We can offer the most comprehensive national service due to the network of alliances with other independent offices throughout the country and the substantial database that we have built up through the years.  We also utilize various electronic online databases.

Professional Tracing Network

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